Top Android Apps You Must Have

Top Android Apps You Must Have

Everyone use Smart phones nowadays but most of us hardly know apps that can help use the Android phone at it’s full efficiency. No matter what your user behavior is or your interests are, these apps can increase your phones efficiency to 100%. Here we have mentioned top Android Apps that You must have in your Android phone.



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AirDroid is one of my favorite App that allows to use all of your devices via just one of them. You can switch from your laptop to your smart phone and from your smart phone to your tablet. It does not matter which device you use, you don’t have to worry about the bookmarks you made in your tablet and now using your laptop. It provides you access to every single bit of information you have in any of your device. (I always want a remote access feature like this.)

airdroid japan




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Battery defender

This must have Android app allowed me to go to my work without power saver. It is an amazing battery saving app with least complication as compared to its other competitor such as Juice Defender. Battery defender when enable stops the unnecessary processes in the background and also deactivates the WiFi connection when the screen is off, this helps you to use your phone all day long without charging, no matter what you do on your smart phone.



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There are 100 million free downloadable items on zedge such as Wallpapers, Sounds, and tunes. Zedge has numerous wallpapers and sounds that you can be watched and listen online before getting them download.


zedge app for android




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Walk up Alarm Clock

This Walk up Alarm Clock App has really changed my life, actually my sleeping pattern too. If you are having problem waking early in the morning and you always press snooze button when the alarm rings, then you really need Walk up Alarm Clock app. Walk up Alarm Clock is a must have Android app that allows you to set an alarm but its specialty is, it would not allow your alarm stop ringing until you walk 10 steps. You can also increase the number of steps up to 100.

wake me up alarm




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Evernote is an incredible time management Android App, which helps you to utilize your time smartly. This top notch app for Android gets you more organized by providing the features like, to-do list making, note taking, voice recording and you can even search text that exists anywhere in your phone.






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If you want to get yourself in shape then Runkeeper is an outstanding Android app that can help you to get up from your cozy couch. It keep tracks of your daily physical activities which include running, cycling, hiking, biking and walking using a GPS in your phone. It also allows you to provide free fitness coaching that’s like a fitness trainer in your pocket.




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Lastpass is an Android app for the people that find difficulty in remembering their several passwords for different accounts and find it irritating to type. Lastpass is a secure way to access your online accounts easily without having the hustle of typing the password every time you access your profiles. In this way you will never encounter a situation when you can’t remember the password of the user service, you used a long time ago.

It will get you some necessary password security. It’s not several systems or the lock, it puts on your app for getting it secure. But it will take some precautionary measures to make your apps highly secure and safe. It can also troubleshoot the basic cause of account hacking, by providing you suitable password suggestions. If you had any previous incidents of security breach then let this must have app take care of your sensitive data.



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Wunderlist is a competent Productivity App that you must have in your phone. It allows you to meet the daily requirements of a to do list for your daily chores, such as watering the plants, cleaning your old cupboard that you have been planning for a week. It’s free version comes with the reminders to make sure that you don’t forget any tasks of the day to meet your routine deadlines. It’s one of the most constructive app that will enhance your performance, manage your time better and make you a more productive person.

Apps You must have
6 Wunderkinder GmbH




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Among all apps, Pocket is a most useful Android app for the people who read news, articles, blogs or any kind of text, as it allows them to bookmark these texts which they can read later, via pocket extension edit to their browser. Being a blogger, it’s one of the best free Android App on my smartphone. This app is bought by Mozilla but there is nothing different from other apps in terms of downloading method.

Pocket app For bookmark articles
Read It Later





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This video App is a contribution in creation of quality content for Vloggers and their audience, with which they can interact in a better way by streaming live videos. Periscope is a video broadcast app that can be used by anyone to share the broadcaster video where ever they want to and with whoever they want to. It is totally free to use and does not come with a price tag.




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It’s a good news for Dc comic and Marvel comic fans, as this comic App allows you to read more than 40,000 comic books despite the fact they are of marvel or DC. But this is not the best part, the best part is, it’s completely free to use. Now every comic book lover has access to his/her favorite book series and a great chance to read classics of comic books with no effort.

comic book lovers




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Food network

Next time, you go to kitchen for preparing your meal, have your smartphone with you because Food network is an amazing food recipe app that gives you access to the expertise of professional chefs for countless dishes and cuisines. It’s a must have for every independent person who prepares his/her own food and want to eat healthy.




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Self development is something everyone should give some time of their day to. Headspace is a meditation app that fulfills the purpose of self-development by providing you the proper guidance. It’s lessons include topics like improvement of focus and meditation. Although it’s not completely free but you can try it out via its 10 days free trail.

Meditation app For Android
Headspace, Inc.




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Most of us have to or love to travel at some point of our life. Airbnb is a useful Travel app for the purpose, as it makes your travelling headache far less bearable by providing you the facility to book reasonable hotels and accommodations concordance to you demands.


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