Top Golf Games on Android

Top Golf Games on Android

Golf is not very popular on gaming consoles, yet golf fans want to play it even when they are away from golf courses. Fortunately, there are many golf games you can find on Google Play store and they will surely suit the tapping controls of your Android device, for it does not require a complex collection of buttons to play golf. There are some super cool Android Golf Games with close to reality experience waiting to be download.

Golf Star

Downloads: 10,000k-50,000k

Reviews: 4.3

Golf star is one of those best golf games on Android that makes you feel like a pro golfer with its high definition graphics and close to reality physics. This Android game is designed by keeping in view 70 different factors that determine either you will make to the hole or not. The factors determine your victory include the temperature, wind, humidity, angle etc. You can’t just hit the ball and expect it to go under the flag. There are 15 different techniques to practice it to be called a professional.

Golf star has lot of tournaments and matches that never let you run out of exploring something new in the game. You can either create your perfect career in the career mode or can challenge and compete against real time online players in the skills mode. If you usually have little time to play, then you can go for weekly matches. No matter for how long you want to play, it is a great fun in every way.

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Mini Golf 3D City Stars Arcade

Downloads: 10,000k- 50,000k

Reviews: 4.2

If you are a beginner in the world of golf, then it’s better to get your hands dirty with the Mini golf game. An interesting 3D Game with lots of small items in your mini golf club, each will present you a new challenge.  Just name it and you will have the obstacle, an ultimate grand mini golf club you should have.

You will be provided with limited numbers of shots and you have to prove yourself by hitting the ball with right pace and angle. This fun golf Game has online multiplayer challenges too, where you can demonstrate your skills to the real golf enthusiasts. A great play for the casual gamers who want to try their hands on Golf. With its 75 different courses you will never feel the need to go to another golf game.

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King of the Course Golf

Downloads: 1000k- 5000k

Reviews: 4.1

A satisfactory level of golf game, online with 300 holes to pocket and several different online challenges to play. King of the Course Golf is a bit different from others and has strategic feature which allows you to bend the laws of nature, such as slowing down time to get the ball into the hole. While there are so many interesting locations you will be given chance to play at, that you will find hard to quit. You can go for PGA tour in the game and can show up in the leader board by performing well.

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WGT Golf Game by Topgolf

A sport should be played like a sport, which means the social and the sportsman spirit shouldn’t be exempted from it. WGT Golf provides you the same social interaction you can have on a golf course. Chat with other online players worldwide and meet new people interested in golf. Challenge your friends in this 3D golf simulation. Although the game has competitive element but that’s how you show the sportsmanship among other players. Either go for 18 holes or 9 holes, single game or multiplayer, this is really amazing anyway.

Discover new challenges and rank up high in the score board. With it’s super cool physics and realistic simulation experience, you would not feel like shutting down the game.

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Golf Clash

As you can better get the idea from it’s name, that you gonna have some real-time competition in the golf. Golf Clash specializes in golf competition either 1 to 1 or more than one. This beautiful surrounding golf take you to the fantasy like courses you never had imagined. Play against hundreds of online players that are always ready to give you some tough time. Either go for Two player challenge or make a career out of the Golf Clash.

As you will get better as a player there are hundreds of new and better clubs you can join. This free golf game for Android gets better with every passing hour and you will find it far more addictive after spending a week or so, as compared to playing for few minutes. But for those who are always in a hurry and want some fast action, you can have quick fire mode to show up some skills. Participate in weekly events where you will get the chance to play against some hardcore players from diverse regions and backgrounds.

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