Top Minimalist Games To kill boring Time

Colorolo is known as one of the top notch when it comes to minimalist games.

In this fast moving world, time to do every activity we perform on daily basis is shrinking down, so is the case with Android gaming. Here minimalist games come handy which demands only few minutes of your spare time. Today every Android user is a potential gamer and every device is a potential gaming console, this has given a great boost to Android minimalist games that is best suited to our evolving lifestyle. There are hundreds of games you can see playing by people around but we are listing those we think are the best.


Colorolo is a highly addictive yet mind relaxing game which is simple to understand. This minimalist game is about joining the dots of similar color to get them vanish from the screen. Every time you match color dots make sure they are at least five in numbers or more. If you succeed in matching all the same colored dots available at a time, you will be given bonus. The game is although, not very complicated yet you will find it a bit challenging every time you level up. The game can be thought of great color recognition for the kids learning about the colors.

Colorolo is known as one of the top notch when it comes to minimalist games.

[appbox googleplay com.bitbon.colorolo]

Ins and outs

A game that is not only a puzzle, but a minimalist puzzle that can entertain you and can make your mind fresh at the same time. Ins and outs is about looping all the “ins” in the loop while keeping all of the “outs” outside the loop. If you can draw the loop without lifting of your finger from the screen and by using least amount of lines then you will be given extra credit points.

This game for brilliants is full of eye catching attractive visuals and six different colors. There are several stages and the modes you can enjoy and never have to repeat the same one. Like in the play mode, you will find countless challenges to loop up your skills. If you will demonstrate yourself as skilled players you will be ranked high in the score board. While you can compete with your buddies online to show your puzzle solving skills.

[appbox googleplay com.aukstudios.insandouts]

15 Coins

15 Coins is an interesting survival game that comes with a minimalist tag. However, the game is about collecting 15 coins and doing it without being killed by your own clones. You will be travelling through a boat and your challenge is to collect the coins without hitting or being hit by a clone. If you can collect all the 15 then you can be the one among the few who has completed this challenging minimalist game for Android. Don’t worry you will get the chance to kill the clones too. You would freeze them and break them into pieces.

[appbox googleplay com.EngagingGames.fifteenCoinsGP]


It’s a geometry game that emphasizes more on giving the tap at right time rather than playing for long hours. You have to put projectiles in a way that they make green circles. You may see it confusing but once you give it a try you are all set to go. It’s slow motion game play gives calming effect and feels quite relaxing. A reasonable choice among the most prominent minimalist games in the list.


A single touch simple bouncing ball game where the character has to bounce in a zigzag manner and make sure to not run into the walls. Quite simple and that’s what a minimalistic game is all about. There are many characters you can unlock while the day and night scenario takes place in the game which gives the surroundings better change. There is a scoreboard for the players to enjoy. A quite simple bouncing game that can hold your attention for much long time.

[appbox googleplay com.grigames.bounz]


This game will really nourishes the creative ability in you. Your job is simply to put a line in a way that it encircles all the colored circles by avoiding the black holes. There is not any hard and fast rule for the game, as you have to use your creative-ability to find new ways. There are 75+ stages that continue bringing something new to you which keeps you engaging for sometime.

[appbox googleplay kb.Blek]


Science says that a human can put his attention at 7 different objects at a time. May be the quality of attention is not the same as if it is for a single one. But the game puts eight different things under your surveillance.

It is quite easy, you will be given a circle to control at the middle of your Android screen. The circle would be divided into four colors and will also has colored objects all around it. These colored objects will run into the circle and you have to make sure that each object goes into the matching color segment of the circle. In this way, there are four sections of the circle you have to keep an eye on and also the outer four directions of circle you have to see from where the objects of different colors would be coming.

If you put the wrong colored object into different color segment of circle it would not make much difference at first but gradually the segment will start destroying. Too much mismatching and you will lose the game as Gyro is not more about testing your concentration rather than reflexes.

[appbox googleplay pl.submachine.gyro]


You want to catch a cool cute phoenix who is moving from place to place. You gonna go through different interesting places with long desserts and huge mountains. Soar is more about enjoying cool environments all around instead of worrying too much about the phoenix.

[appbox googleplay com.obium.soar]

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