Best Tower Defense Game For Android

There are some best tower defense games for android that you must try at least once.

Defense game can be a mind teasing toil but that’s what makes it more addictive and fun. Such go well with the Android devices for being compatible on touch screen. That’s why it was the one of few genres get popular initially on smartphones. But the long-sighted and planning nature of TD games are the elements that attract me the most towards it. You have to be a good planner to manage defense against the consistent waves of enemies. That can be count as a top-notch form of strategy game with immense simplicity in nature. May be that’s all which makes it so much admired and popular among most of the Android users.



[appbox googleplay com.mugshotgames.digfender]




  • Dig for the treasure
  • Set traps for enemies
  • More than 70 Stages

It is a different approach of Tower defense (TD) genre which focuses more underground the tower rather than its surrounding. You have to dig deep and create a path. After which you have to fix different defense systems in the tunnel to defend your tower. The weaponry you fix will be high-tech and comes with enormously diverse variety.

While digging you will find many different treasures each having its own value. You better create a path with lot of turns and twists so you can earn more time and much larger space to fit weaponry. But at the same time, it should be through the land bearing value able treasure.

That is not all, there are 70 different levels, each with its unique level of difficulty. There is also a survival mode in the game, while playing it you can score high and can show-up on the score board. By scoring higher you can upgrade your weapons and make the game far more fun.

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[appbox googleplay com.limbic.towermadness2]


Tower Madness 2


  • Aliens as invaders
  • 7 Different surroundings
  • Shops to buy resources

Most probably many of you have heard about it due to its great popularity. For those who have not, it is a merge of both alien game and tower defense genre in which you will defense your tower from no other enemy then the aliens.

It’s a fabulous game and you can get the better idea from the number of downloads on play store. Tower Madness 2 is full of challenges that wouldn’t let get the game dull for a while. It does not have a single tower which you usually protect in any other similar category. There are nine different towers which you have to defend against the invading aliens on your planet. Obviously there is also variety and variation in enemies that you will encounter. It has 70 different levels while each having its own 9 towers, so it makes a lot of towers you got to defend.

If you think that’s all then let me tell you, it has 7 different campaigns you can conduct against the enemy. Tower madness is an amazing and fantastic thing you must try if you like tower games.

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[appbox googleplay smpxg.mythdefense_free]


Myth defense LF


  • Campaigning & maps
  • 20+ towers
  • Distinctive rules


Myth defense is a game with lot of towers and maps. Like any other tower defense games, it comes with different number of towers you got to defend.The numbers of tower are 22 but the unique thing about it is, there are two different levels of difficulty you can play it with. And the most novel feature no other game provides is, you can play at both levels at the same time. It also has different languages, so you will encounter with the people from all around globe no matter either they are good in your language or not.

Your competitor will be a rich blend of diverse color, race and language. You would not fed up with the game easily either due to the 30+ stages it possesses, while maps are 18 in number. See Also: Action RPG games

Myth Defense is not free but also not an expansive one. Although you will play the latest part of it, but the previous one may also suits you, the one we are mentioning here.


Net invaders


  • Play as anti-virus
  • Outface computer viruses
  • Be a savior of internet

This is more liked by the IT Professionals for the story line resembles more of an IT tutorial. Confused! Let me make it clear. You will be the defender of internet and to do so you have to build towers. The threat would be none other than the computer viruses such as Trojan. Although Net invaders may sound like a matrix movie yet it has everything what makes a great tower defense game, with lots of towers, animated graphics, ancient architecture and lots of grass.

You may be wondering why the game is being based on all these programs and IT components. The answer is that the game is itself developed by Cisco, a great contributor in the worldwide web. Anyhow it is wonderful when it comes to user friendliness, for it does not display any ads and available for free on Google Store.



[appbox googleplay com.melesta.toydefense3]


Toy defense


  • Tower defense strategy
  • Fight against dragons & monsters
  • Battles & wars

Toy defense has a bit darker approach for it does not have any atmosphere like grass and trees. It has taken the game to a bit serious level where you will encounter several bad guys and end the game with a boss fight. It is not that simple as I have mentioned above, you have to go through 90+ levels and beat up numerous powerful rivals. Most of that kind of games avows multiplayer mode which is not a surprising thing but the excitement it creates is worth having.

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[appbox googleplay com.cookapps.GrowTower]


Grow Tower


  • Upgrade your tower
  • Hire super warriors
  • Have the best defended walls

This tower defense game like clash of clan demands some strategic thinking to push the enemy at the edge. You being the King of powerful kingdom recruit some heroes and beasts who will face out continuous waves of enemies. It is not just the strength and number of your solider which would determine the difference between victory or defeat, but the way you use them.

The location of your towers also act as a crucial factor in concluding the better results. It has endless fighting battles and boss fights like any other defense games but the differ lies in the way it presents its game play and ultimate mission.

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