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Fabulous Trivia Games To Train your Brain

Trivia game is huge emerging genre of the past decades and still is in its growing phase. The trend for quiz games is mostly set by the famous TV shows on media, which fascinates people by providing opportunity to win gigantic sum of money. Although this category not only keeps your grabbed in it but also  makes your time more productive. It is not a time killer at all because it would not just enhance your limit of knowledge from leaps and bounds but also will prove to be the brain training program for you. So if you are getting bore in a party or during a long trip then it is better to make time more productive by playing trivia games then just killing it with some stupid addictive game.

Trivia crack

A game full of interesting and brain teasing questions you will never get bore playing. The interface of is highly eye catching and artistic, where you will encounter cartoon characters. It meets your expectations by providing quizzes, matches your potential. You will never complain about the types of questions you are being asked because you can choose the category related to your profession. The categories includes science, arts, history etc.

Trivia crack is one of the most popular quiz games on play store.

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Logo game

As obvious from the name, it’s a trivia in which you need to guess the name of different brand logos. It is an entirely different quiz game from its competitors, who mostly asks questions related to academics or education.

In logo games, you have to guess the logo name for 73 levels and the difficult varies from level to level. Don’t worry you would not be out of new logos by playing again and again. Because there are about more than 2000 globally recognized logos in it.

In my personal opinion, it’s the must have for business and marketing students or anyone having relevancy to entrepreneurship.

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Quizup is one of the most popular and unique trivia game and is in our list of best test games. If you are an android user and love the games that are more social than others, then it is a game molded for you. You can play it with your friends and it is more likely of a buzzer game where fastest finger wins. You just need to answer the questions quicker than your opponent and if your answers are correct you will win.

Due to its pvp approach, it is very famous on social media and often updates features on public events. Quizup is a great excuse to spend some time with your old friends and family members during Christmas holidays. Especially with those who are far away and you find little or no time to spend with them. This kind of fun would not just engage a person with machine but increases human to human interaction to the maximum.

Song pop 2

Reviews: 4.5

Downloads: 1000k-5000k

Price: Free

For music fans, song pop 2 is a really unique kind of gaming experience and a new approach towards trivia genre. You will be given a playlist and a quiz will be offered concordance to it.  Even if you are not very into the music and just a regular listener, the song pop 2 even then can be interest grabbing. As you play further you will unlock more of a playlist. However you can pay for unlocking more playlists if you are not really interested in long hours of playing. The music it contains can range to past four to five decades.

Its 5000k downloads and 4.5 rating says all about it and as it is available for free, you will not regret after downloading it even if you don’t like it. You can delete it and download again anytime you want.

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Reviews: 3.9

Downloads: 1000k-5000k

Price: Free

This game proves that quizzes can be interesting even to casual players and can be a multiplayer game full of fun. You will play it with any of your social websites friends. The rules are simple, there will be 6 rounds, and each contains three questions. The factor that separate one round from other is their category. A round can be about the art, history or even movies. The twist here is that the winner of previous round will decide the category of next one. It is a great example of a productive game that avoids time killing, enhances your knowledge and at the same time give you a daily dose of entertainment.

Quiz clash is highly customizable as you can propose new questions to the game which will be used in it. This adds a great flexibility in quiz clash towards the user friendliness and user feedback responsive. The theme is also customizable concordance to each individual participating in it.

There are rare chances when game of such wonderfulness comes for free. That’s why, in my opinion, one should at least give it a try.

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Guess that song

Reviews: 4.2

Downloads: 10,000k-50,000k

Price: Free

Again you got to guess the sound according to the music you will be provided to listen. Just listen to the music and tell who is singing. It also includes other video clips, where you have to make precise guess. Although it is more of a single player game, in which you make points by answering and how fast you can do it, yet it also has multiplayer mode at local scale. It can be played by a split screen on your android phone. It is very attention grabbing and addictive game as the one above in our list.

Guess that song has a pretty decent rating along with the relatively higher number of the downloads, which makes it worth playing.

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