How to turn off voicemail

How to turn off voicemail

Voicemail can cost you extra time and money from your mobile carrier and phone provider. At times it gets nearly annoying to listen to every voicemail you get. Therefore we came up with this post regarding “how to turn off voicemail”.

The voice mail is provided by a phone carrier, though there are different ways to get it done. But calling the support team of your mobile carrier is a method most effective (at least for most US users) for users.


There are few methods below to deactivate voicemail, each fits either for android or iOS or for both.

The methods we have discussed to disable your voicemail include, calling customer service, changing your phone settings, using phone codes, and filling up your mailbox.

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  • METHOD 2: Disable Voice Mail via phone settings (Manually)
  • METHOD 3: Dail Phone Code To Turn Off VoiceMail
  • METHOD 4: Fill Up your Mailbox




There are two different phone codes mentioned, one for the phone you want to disable voicemail on and the other you can dial from another phone.

Remember to make sure you have the account details in front of you for later convenience. By dialing the number as per your phone provider, you can ask customer service to remove the voicemail feature.



611 (For AT&T phone)

(800) 331-0500 (for another network phone)



611 (For T-Mobile phone)

(877) 746-0909 (For other network phones)



*2 (For Sprint phone)

(855) 639-4644 (For another network phone)



(800) 922-0204 (For Verizon phone)



*611 (For Telus Phone)

1-866-558-2273 (for another network phone)



METHOD 2: Disable Voice Mail via phone settings (Manually)

Just try to go for the option:1 mentioned below, but If it doesn’t work for you (have no voicemail “turnoff feature”), then try option: 2.

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Manual Settings option: 1

To deactivate the voicemail feature first you need to find the options for voicemail on your phone.

Usually, phones do have some settings option regarding voicemail, but what we are looking here is the option to disable the voicemail feature.


Just go into settings and see the further settings option regarding voicemail. You will find some options regarding voicemail, what you have to make sure of is if there is an option to deactivate the voicemail. Because your phone may not have the option to disable voicemail.

 (Most of the T-mobile and Verizon phones have this ability to disable voicemail, under options name “Visual Voicemail” and “Account Services – Phone Extras”.)


If can’t find the option, just search online voicemail settings for your particular phone model. Or just type on the “search tab” in your Settings.

Once found, turn off the voicemail feature and you can always come back to activate it again.




Manually settings option: 2 (Disable Call forwarding settings)

{Warning: The call Forwarding Settings change is not for iOS (iPhone).”}

Go to Phone App> menu icon> Advance settings/ More settings> Call Forwarding settings.

Here you will find four options: (Turnoff all these options)

  1. Always forward
  2. Forward When busy
  3. Forward when unanswered
  4. Forward when unreachable

(My phone has the Call Forwarding settings options directly after the Menu icon and thus it may vary from phone to phone.)

By turning off these options your Voicemail will stop receiving calls from your phone.

Your phone may not have this option available, which is highly unlikely but it’s possible (in case your carrier doesn’t offer it).

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METHOD 3: Dail Phone Code To Turn Off VoiceMail

This method works both for Android and iPhone, in addition to that is very doable.

Phone code or MMI code is also one of the most convenient and quickest ways to get rid of voicemails.


Just dial the phone code for deactivating voicemail for your phone carrier and you are done. Most probably you will hear two consecutive beeps for confirmation, if not just test with another phone to see if it’s working.

But as phone codes vary for each phone carrier therefore you have to search it online.

Search on how to turn off voicemail + “carriers name and you will be able to see the code for your phone carrier.

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METHOD 4: Fill Up your Mailbox

{Warning: It’s not a long-term solution as you have to do it every month for most carriers delete the voice messages each month.}

This may sound lame but there is no doubt about the effectiveness of this method.

You have to call on your phone and try to leave a voice message. Obviously, you don’t have to say anything at all, just make sure the message is a few sec long or you can just keep it on. If your phone has a cutoff time you might have to leave nearly 1 to 2 dozen messages.

{Tip: Turn on the Airplane mode of your phone before doing it, this way you don’t have to wait for ringing to end. And your call will directly go into voicemail. }

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No matter which method you find most effective for you, just give a test call to know if it works.

However for some of us, the problem isn’t voicemail entire, but that it’s in audio format. If you are one of such users then you can consider “turning your voicemail into the text” as an option.

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