TV Remote control apps for Android

TV Remote control apps

According to a statistic, a man on average spends about 3 whole days of his life in searching TV remote. Therefore, you must have an Android TV remote app in your smart phone. However it will also make your life more organized and convenient. There are too many TV remote control apps on Google Play Store you can avail with. It will make your phone a device control most of your machines, home appliances and gadgets. Although one day we will be able to control everything from a single device and such apps are step forward in that direction.


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[appbox googleplay com.roku.remote]



  • Voice control
  • Browse movies on TV
  • Free to use

It is a remote control app that can do more than a regular remote. It has several different options of fast rewind, pause and other such buttons. Roku is the best tool, if after 9 to 5 job you are not in the mode of searching your TV remote and just want to watch some TV. If you have Android smart TV, you can also enjoy the extra features Roku comes with.

Either watching daily bulletin or watching movies at your friend’s place, Roku is the application always comes handy. You must have it, for it is completely free to download.


It is a remote control app that can do more than a regular remote.
Roku Inc.



[appbox googleplay]


Android TV Remote


  • Specially for Android
  • Voice search
  • Connect also via Bluetooth

If you are fed up with the use of keyboard, mouse and remote control to operate your Android smart TV, then Android TV remote is all in one. It can act as remote control and can provide you the keyboard whenever you want. It also acts as a controller to play games on smart TV using the touch screen of your mobile phone.

Now you don’t need to search for the TV remote, mouse and keyboard whenever you plan to watch TV at weekend night. You will also enjoy it using during the night stay at your friend’s home, where almost every time friends disagree on playing a specific music or a movie.

Remote for your Android TV
Google LLC


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[appbox googleplay com.tekoia.sure.activities]


SURE Universal Remote


  • Perfect for any device
  • Screen and Browse
  • Connect to all smart devices

SURE is an ultimate remote app using which you can’t just only control television but also cable box, AV receiver, disc player, AC and even projector. It has the control of every smart device around you. If we only talk about its TV control features then you will be pleased to know, the application can stream your smart phone media files on smart TV. However, it has every regular feature you expect from regular TV remote control apps.

If you are a gadget freak or especially work in a home appliance shop, this Android app can work like a magic spell for you. It’s just one thing and you are sorted.





[appbox googleplay]




  • Cloud storage
  • Lots of widgets
  • Voice control

Yatse will make you remember the old days when you used to control your dvd player with different remotes. Although it is not a proper TV app but get the media player like kodi so convenient to use. As the smart TV remotes mostly act like a keyboard when it comes to control a media player but sometimes it got frustrating when you are watching your favorite movie with your family and want to forward a love-making scene, but by mistake press a wrong button or do it too late that you regret why did not you hold the remote in your hand at the first place.

It will be like the convenient remotes of old school DVD players which we used to operate without searching for the right button or pressing cursor to jump from one option to another.


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[appbox googleplay com.remotefairy4]


AnyMote Universal Remote


  • Customize your remote
  • Gesture control
  • For TV/DSLR/AC etc

For those who are gadget geeks and have surrounded themselves with several different remote devices at home. AnyMote Universal Remote is something they would love to have. It uses Wi-Fi and IR blaster to get connect with the device you want to operate. You just need to download anymote universal remote on your Android and use all other features that come with a remote.

As I have mentioned previously either you are a person having hobby of collecting gadgets or an electronic engineer, you would not again waste a single second in searching the remote for any of your device.

Smart IR Remote app
Color Tiger



[appbox googleplay org.xbmc.kore]




  • Provide playlist
  • Stream live

For the people who think there should be a specific TV remote app that tell you about the info of programs or TV shows they are watching then Kore can help you with that and let you know about the show details on your smart phone screen. Kore has a nice user interface that makes your phone remote usability as easy as an actual physical remote. You can customize the color and theme by going into the options. It not only allows you to send your favorite YouTube videos on other devices, but also can create a playlist of the selected audio and video files.

You can use it with 12 different kinds of languages, so it rules out the possibility of inability to use by those who speaks one of the most spoken languages world-wide. It is a reasonable good remote application that can help you using your smart TV in a much better way.


Control your media using android app
XBMC Foundation



[appbox googleplay]


Google Home


  • Customize screen
  • Several control

As the app belongs to Google, there is no doubt in the competency and working of it. It does well what it is made for. Google is known for the smart systems for detecting the favorite of the users and to bring up updates and trends accordingly. As it does on your PC, with this application you will get the best and quickest updates of your favorites apps, TV shows and the content that has been renewed or upgraded. While rest of its features serves the best of a remote control TV.

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