Two Player Games To Play With Friends

Two Player Games for android

Two player games were very popular on gaming consoles but with the immense use of smart phones people now usually play on multiplayer modes of android games and the need to be sitting next to the person you are playing with has eliminated. But always been online has made our lives mechanical and immensely impacted our family and social life.

The great benefit of 2 player games that you can spend time with your friends and kids (if you are parents) without making things lifeless. Nowadays everyone hide themselves behind the devices, either there are sitting in a group or on the dining table with family. Everyone is now a bit fond of playing games, you can share an interest with them by putting two player games in the equation. There are so many two player fun games you can play on your Android devices, some of them are listed below:

Action for 2-4 Players

Downloads: 1000k-5000k

Price: free

Reviews: 4

This is the perfect package of thrill and fun which would not let you bore with its 3 game-play types. First one is tank fight in which you hit each other by wandering in the map, second one is tablet hockey which should better be called air hockey because there is hardly much difference. The last one is car racing game which is like any other typical high profile racing you like had. The games it provides is not just for 2 players only but can provide thrill 8 players all together. This will be great if you are a member of huge friend circle and always hang out together in spare time.  It although can be played on Android phones yet tablets would provide you with far better results.

Car, soccer, tennis games android


6 Takes

Downloads: 5k-10k

Price: 1.59$

Reviews: 4.4

Hardly any game can provide excitement like card games. Although there are many classic and fantasy card games you can enjoy with other online players but on one can beat 6 takes. Because you play it with 4 players sitting next to you and the expressions of their faces adds a new dimension in it. It is simple you just need to avoid taking up the cards and if you do, a bullhead will be added to your table. The player at the end with least bullheads will win the game. 6 takes is suitable for players of all ages and categories because of the 3 difficulty mode it provides. You can also have a single player mode to get better before you try it out on weekend with friends.


Worms 2

Downloads: 1000k-5000k

Price: 3.99$

Reviews: 4.1

There will be two teams with lots of tools, equipment and weaponry which will help them to destroy the other team. The fun of this is you have to attack one to another until, one of you destroys other completely. The worm is your team whom you have to protect and destroy your competitor’s. Worms 2 has customization for your worms that you can’t just transform appearance also action. There are two gaming modes you can enjoy with the person next to you. And you can show up on your social profile if you manage to get at the top of leader-board.


Dr. Driving

Apart from the racing games, driving games are something a bit more interesting. Because unlike car racing you just can not smash into walls and other vehicles to just reach the finish line no matter what it takes. Act like a real driver in Dr. Driving and prove your driving skills. Show how good you are in real time driving because here your job is to cover a distance from point A to point B without touching any other car or object in the way.

Its an interesting two player car game where you compete against other online drivers who also gonna make sure that they do not lose any points by hitting any thing. You will be given some gold for the opponent you compete against. A one in a hundred two player game for kids with awesome controsl.

[appbox googleplay com.ansangha.drdriving]

Red Hands – 2-Player Games

Its the game most of you had played at some point of your childhood but things get better with the Android device. The game as most of you already know is pretty simple but demands a quick reflex. Each of two players will sit at each side of Android phone and one will be the attacker while other has to avoid these slaps on the hand. Don’t worry there is nothing like real physical contact so you can play it without getting your hands red unlike the old days.

The attacker will press single tap on the screen and that exactly point of time, the defender has to escape the attack by taping too. If the attacker succeed in making a physical contact in the game obviously, he will be granted a point. If he succeeds in doing so consecutively three times , a free hit will be granted to a attacker as reward. While defender will be awarded points every time he escapes any attack. The player who manages to make score of 10 will win the game. An iconic legendary two player Android game of old times.

[appbox googleplay com.redhands.twoplayergames]