Most Useful Apps for Every Android Smartphone User

Every one of us holds smartphone in our pocket like an ID card and almost takes it every where with us we go. It is something like an accessory of modern men which you can’t left behind. Why do not put some Apps in it that will help you use the device in a more effective and efficient way. Following are some applications you may did not know about or might thought of downloading later but forgot. Here is the list of most useful apps you can have in your Android phone, download these apps you feel you need. Also Check: Best CRM in Pakistan


[appbox googleplay com.lenovo.anyshare.gps&hl=en]



  • Transfer All kinds of Files
  • GIFs, Wallpapers & Stickers
  •  Unlimited Online Videos

We always get fed up with the limited speed of data transfer rate from one device to another. When the time comes it seems like every moment has stretched into hours. The solution is Shareit which will transfer your huge data within seconds from one phone to another phone or any other device. Your smartphone will establish its own Wi-Fi connection with the other device and starts transferring data. The data transfer can be between smart phone and tablet or between smartphone and PC.

It will give you far better results than the Bluetooth but to get it into operation you must download it on both the devices. It will not only save your time but adds up a value in your phone to make it more effective and useful.



[appbox googleplay com.dianxinos.dxbs&hl=en]


DU Battery Saver

  • One-Tap Battery Saver
  • Junk Cleaner
  • Wi-Fi Security Inspection

With the increasing use of mobile phone, we more realizes the limitation of our phone batteries. Power bank can be an option but you can not just carry another device same as the size of your phone. And the most ridiculous thing is when your battery gets low when you need it most. To counter this problem, DU battery saver is a widget you must download. It will not only reduce the surplus battery use but also provide you an entire monitoring of your battery power.

DU has some important features such as optimization and battery monitor. It will also have a phone cooler feature that will decrease your device temperature and keeps it cool.



[appbox googleplay com.domobile.applock&hl=en]



  • Famous in 50 countries
  • 350 million users worldwide
  • Supports 39 languages

Our phones contain too much private info you don’t want to disclose. But due to the fact that we take it everywhere we go increases the chances that it may end up in some ones hand. Therefore it is a wise decision to secure your sensitive information using privacy apps.

APPlock is highly useful security app that will put code to every folder, file or app service you have in your Android. In this way, no one can access your personal info without putting the code only you know.

Fingerprint lock application
DoMobile Lab



[appbox googleplay]


Financial Calculators

  • Finance and Investment Calculators
  • Stock Calculators
  • Miscellaneous Calculators

Every one of us has to deal with the financial calculator either in the monthly budget or in the banking services we avail. It will do all the head breaking calculations for you and makes you juggle all money managing tasks. Either you are a student or a jobian, finance apps will always comes handy because we all have to deal with the monetary matters. Even managing your budget or calculating the profits of your small businesses, inflation has a very crucial role and this finance calculator will help you get it right with great ease.

Finance Calculator app



[appbox googleplay com.cgollner.unclouded&hl=en]



  • Have several categories of files
  • Know the number the of files in each categories
  • Find duplicates

For those who always deal with their huge data and the folders, this will help them make things more smooth. Most of us now put their data into the clouds to make it more secure and nowadays almost every serious professional have more than one.

Unclouded is an application that will not only secure all internet clouds for you such as Dropbox and Google drive, but it also helps you to manage all these apps all at once. You just need to put one access code into the unclouded app and you are sorted. Now you can open all the clouds without putting passwords to each one.

data storage app
Christian Göllner



[appbox googleplay com.wunderkinder.wunderlistandroid]


Wunderlist : To Do List

  • Access from  phone, tablet and computer
  • Attach PDFs, Photos & presentations
  • Do conversations with your team member

Wunderlist is an amazing reminder that will never let you miss any of your necessary daily chores. It would not just help you remember your daily chores but also make you a far more efficient person. Such productivity apps help improving the quality of your personal and professional life. How many times it has happened that you forgot to put products into your cart you are getting short of.

This app has a grocery list that never let you miss any of the grocery again. Meeting deadlines of a project gets far easier with this, which sequences of your tasks. You can also sync your devices such as tabs, laptops and the phone using the application which helps you get rid of all the hustle of collecting the data from different devices.

It’s not just a productive app but a far more useful one which every one of us needs to become a more product being.


[appbox googleplay com/store/apps/details?]

Smart Tools

  • 15 tools
  • Tools include Vibrometer, Metal detector & Magnifier
  • 6 app sets

Either taking measurements of the house for the furniture or measuring the ground level in the garden to add a new machine. We all need tools that we do not have when we need them very badly. It will do all the measurements, weights or currency conversation for it’s a bundle of 6 highly effective tool apps. The tools it bears include smart light, smart compass, and many more. Such tools may seem not a big deal but can be highly useful when working on a basement project or repairing your car, it can appear as a helping hand out of nowhere.

Smart tools application has everything from magnifying glass to vibrometer, it will provide you benefit by making your tasks highly simple.



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