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Best Virtual pet apps

Providing your kids with a pet would not just develop his/her personality but also make one more human like. It develops responsibility, leadership skills, problem solving and time management in a person. Either young or old having a pet at every point in your life regardless of your age would not just help you to become version of yourself but also boost your emotional health. Pets also act as a family member for the people living alone or far from home. It can also help raise the element of love, care and humanity in your child at a very early age. And can do the same for an adult, as he will see what consequences can turn out if he does not provide the proper food on time and attention. It will help him to improve his relationship and social empathy.


From above mentioned, several benefits of having a pet, there are many others which I forgot to mention. But note everyone has a time to have a pet or can not take the risk of their unexperienceness of their caring which may death of a living being. The solution of this entire problem is having a virtual pet app that would not train you for having a real pet but also prevent you from all the dangers and all the cons that you may have later. Like the inability to leave home without pet for too long or being with your pet as every time of its meal. These superb apps can help you learn a lot about petting.


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[appbox googleplay eu.aagames.dragopet]

Drago Pet


  • Pet a baby dragon
  • Train it and do the up bringing
  • Do battle with other dragons & explore more

Why have a cat or a dog as pet, when you can have a dragon?

I am not joking just telling a great idea of this virtual pet app which allows you to take care of a young dragon as your pet. First you will have dragon egg which you need to take care of until a small cute dragon hatches from it. A gauge will let you know about when the egg will hatch. Later you have to take care of the dragon feeding and its hygiene. You can also train your dragon for discipline like a dog.

Drago pet is an amazing fun which helps you to get experience about having a pet but in its unique way. This app is one of the best to get your kids hand dirty for their first pet and if you think either they would like it or not. Then let me tell you that which kid would not want to have fire-breathing, flying dragon as their pet.

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Aqua Pets


  • Pet in aquarium
  • Have rare aquatic animals
  • Learn to take care

As a child, I was far more fascinated by fishes in an aquarium than any other pet and if you are one of those people who think what use of a pet who can’t even recognize you or play with you, then let me tell you that a study states, a gold-fish can remember its feeding time and master’s face for 8 days. So if you see a gold-fish looking at you, at your friend’s place, it may be has recognized you for being their last weekend.

Aqua pets is out of the box virtual pet app that will bring back the same magical fascination for having a fish. By just installing on your Android device, you can have about every fish in your virtual aquarium without taking care about the hustle of finding the fish you like. The application does not only have regular fish but also imaginary aquatic creatures like swimming panda.

For those who always wanted to have a shark in their aquarium now they can have it. But you do not just buy them from a virtual shop or so. You have to fish it out from a water body where all such creatures exist and you can have the one you like in your private fish tank. The amazing thing about this, you not only learn about taking care of an aquarium life but also get surprised by different and new aquatic creatures it shows you every time you switch to the app.



[appbox googleplay]

Bird Land 2.0


  • Personal bird aviary
  • Parrots, finches & other birds
  • Make bird breed

Although the graphics seem like a kid’s animated game yet it is a bird pet app, so grounded on reality that sometimes it looks like a training app for the bird’s breeders. You can get your hands on a bird cages to learn and enjoy having a pet bird or can make a kid learn how to take care of a bird. Anyway, the application fulfills the urge of every person who wants to have a bird aviary but can not make it possible for some reason.

Bird land make you feed your bird, put accessories for your bird, cleaning the cages and even touch your bird to make an emotional connection. You can also buy more accessories for your birds from a virtual pet shop and if you breed many birds you can sell them, to get extra money. With that money you can buy further birds or spend on the current ones, as you wish. This application can be used as a real-time pet game as it is interesting enough to be operated it like a game on Android phone.

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[appbox googleplay com.edicionesbabylon.mimitos]

Mimitos Virtual Cat


  • A virtual cat
  • Play with it
  • For cat lovers

Mimitos cat help those who wants to have a cute little kitten as their pet. If you think you will have a cat one day, don’t worry you can at least have one on your Android device. This app allows you to adopt a virtual kitten. You have to take care of its everything from feeding to bath.

It not only consider the physical needs of your pet but also gauges the fulfillment of your kitten emotional needs. For which you have to spend time with your kitty, as there are several games you can play with your virtual cat such as running, jumping etc. you also can help your kitten make friends and see how it likes being in the garden. Mimitos cat is an ultimate virtual cat app you can use to satisfy your childhood urge of having a pet, get yourself train for future one or see either your kid is responsible enough to deserve a cat.

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