Best Android 3D Virtual World Games

This has taken games to a newer level especially those which belongs to virtual world game genre

With this constantly upgrading technology, the line between reality and virtual world is getting foggy. Every year we witness some close to reality games with improved graphics. This has taken games to a newer level especially those which belongs to virtual world game genre.

Such games will pretend as real life scenario where you can live your second life the way you want to. It may be really calming and relaxing but at the same time can be proved pretty fatal for being too addictive. If you are thinking of checking out some of best virtual world games then its better to keep check on the time you consume playing.

Avakin Life

Avakin life is a place where you can be what you always wanted to and in the real world could not do so for some reason. It has everything a person desires, from expensive clothes to lavish residence. You can live the life you always wished to because there are not any financial problems to face and you can see it as future plan when you will get succeed in your real life. Check also: Best VR games

Shop like millionaire and dress like super star. Visit the places only celebrities can dream about. Design your future home the way you wanted to. Meet and socialize with new people. Avakin life is not just a city but literally a world in itself because you can interact and chat with real life people all around the world playing the game. They will be living their second life and you can meet them at some exotic location. This 3D virtual world has marvelous graphics that leave you breathless.

[appbox googleplay com.lockwoodpublishing.avakinlife]

Virtual Town

As a Mayor, you are care taker of the town and this virtual world where things move similar to the real life. You would not feel for a sec that it’s not real because even the time passes like the real life. You will see seasons coming and going and moon changing phases. But your job is to make sure that every thing is at it’s place and the way it should be. You are a real important person for the town whose action influence greatly the people around him.

In the virtual life game, you can also be a parent by adopting a kid and raise the child the way you want him/her to be. You will gradually age in the game and that’s how things will turn out like a real life. Live the life you desire, make changes to your town which you would if you were a Mayor. See Also: Cooking Games for girls

[appbox googleplay com.bluebeck.vt]

City of Love: Paris

Enjoy the life of the movie character where there is love and some mystery to reveal. Meet good-looking people at unforgettable locations of Paris and experience the dreamy lifestyle. Have friends and partners like real life, socialize with people in the game. You feel there is something not 100% right in the game and that’s the mystery you have to uncover. Visit different sites, meet different people, get clues and live the lifestyle of an aristocrat. 

[appbox googleplay com.ubisoft.colparis]

Home Street

Home Street let you live the way as if you are not very afraid of the consequences of your actions. If always wanted to follow your heart and do crazy things then this is the time. Download this parallel reality virtual world game where you live life as you do in the real world. Decorate your home, do daily chores and fulfill your responsibilities or just leave them, do whatever you want to. See Also: Table Tennis Games

Safari Tours Adventures

If you have been planning to go on safari from a very long time but could not do so for some reason then Safari Tours Adventures can give you a much similar experience. Although it would not give you that awesome feel of being surrounded by wildlife but at least can help you imagine how it would be when you will change your dream into reality. For all animal lovers out there, it is something they had never seen before.

As there are many games on domestic animals but only handful on the subject of safari. In my personal opinion, this game is one of its own kind when it comes to its realistic approach towards Safari tour.

[appbox googleplay]

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