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top visual novel games Android

Story line is responsible for adding up a whole lot of interest in a game, therefore Visual Novel Games are really popular among smart phone gamers. You are more enthusiastic towards a game you have read about or know the whole story line of. Its like living up the life of different characters in a novel. It would bear some cool pictures, soundtracks along with some interesting test that will guide you through all  the game.

Everlasting Summer

Everlasting Summer is a game full of suspense and mystery. A regular guy, living a regular life get traps into an unusual incident. By sleeping into a bus on a really cold day, he wakes up in the middle of a hot summer day. He is now desperate to know what has happened to him, but there is hardly anyone around him who can answer this question. He is not trapped into a middle of nowhere timeline which is full of chaos, your job as a player is to collect clues and meet people around you to unwrap the secret. If want to analyze past event to notice a pattern, go to text history from your left on the device.

The Game is one of the best visual novels that is quite interesting if you have some experience of it. Even without any experience it will increase your curiosity to the highest level.

[appbox googleplay su.sovietgames.everlasting_summer]

FR: My Secret Pets!

If its romance that lacks in your life, then this romance game will fill it up. The story line is about a girl who break up with her boyfriend and when she gets at her home after work, her four pets have turned into guys. Now she can start a new relationship with one of those. It is the best Android visual novel game that feels like out of a fantasy idea and sometimes feel quite funny in nature. See also: Qooapp Games

[appbox googleplay com.d3p.kemono_en]

The Herbalist

Slavya is a young girl who live in a hut at forest with her cute little cat. Her life is about making and discovering new potions and create something useful out of it. You gonna experience this journey of Alchemy with her and find the ingredients that can change things around. Try not to leave Slavya and her cat hungry because you can not create potion empty stomach. Explore the forest, find new items and develop yourself as an exceptional potion maker.

[appbox googleplay ru.moonworks.herbalist]

Lily’s Day Off

It bears 15+ endings along with several characters, multiple costumes and stories. The game will proceed according to your decisions and what you want in it. However, The consequences occurs due to your decisions would not be in your control. The end can be anything out of 15 different variations. Create your own story or play it many times to know what you could have done differently.

[appbox googleplay com.OnionyStudios.LilysDayOff]

Flower Field

It is a simple dialogue visual novel game where you have to make the choices. The choices would be close ended and mostly be presented in the form of a question or statement. Remember your ultimate target is to enhance the capabilities of your characters and using them to defeat different monsters in the game.

[appbox googleplay com.ayush.flower_field]

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