Best HD Wallpaper Apps For Android

Wallpaper Apps For Android

The only way you can customize your Android phone with least effort is by changing the wallpaper of your phone. Wallpapers are popular since the days of desktop computers and even now although several different devices are being used but the vitality of background wallpapers is still the same. Sometimes pictures can give you a fresh sight and they can be a source of motivation with a positive quote. No matter how you see it but nowadays everyone is having hd pictures and using them one way or another.


Due to such enormous demands of pictures for the Android, there are proper applications for this purpose. Below are the names of some best Android wallpaper apps you can have online.


[appbox googleplay xyz.studiox.pixels]


  • Thousands of wallpapers
  • 20+ categories
  • Be particular about the wallpaper category you want to see as your screen saver.

There are different wallpaper apps that will automatically change the pictures for your home screen but pixels is different. However, it also changes screen background automatically but you can be more specific about which picture you want to see as home screen. For example you can go for cool car wallpapers, 3D or any category you want. You just have to download the pictures you like and you will have the option to set them either as your lock screen, home screen or for your whatsApp.

There are sometimes wallpapers we run across, we find interesting but due to some reason we don’t download them, later we regret for it as now it gets almost impossible to find that specific few. This app comes handy in such situations, as the pictures you came across will be tracked by the applications, that later be presented to you.

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Hd background wallpapers

Smart wallpapers

[appbox googleplay]


  • Shows battery time and other important elements in the background
  • Have aesthetic indicators of practical usage

An application that creates the important data in your Android device to your home screen wallpaper. Either they are some important stats or your to do list, it will be displayed as screen saver. In my personal opinion, for professional like programmers, mathematicians, scientists and even detectives, this application help them to do the brainstorming more effectively because usually you can’t find large white boards and notice boards, where this app can be a great help.

Best Android Wallpaper Apps


[appbox googleplay com.backdrops.wallpapers]


  • You can create your own wallpaper by submitting high-resolution photos.
  • Your photos can be used by others as wallpaper.
  • You can create your own collection by being specific among the hundreds of wallpapers available.

For the people who are a big fan of illustrative style of wallpapers, Backdrops is a great news for them. It would make a difference when you set such unique style wallpapers as your home screen or login. Illustrative wallpapers usually works best for artists and it can also spark that inspiration and creativity in your work that you have long forgotten because sometimes there are small things around us which we don’t give much attention but such small pieces of emotion and memory triggers can awake strange flow of thoughts in your mind, at least that my way of seeing it.

For the people who are a big fan of illustrative style of wallpapers, Backdrops is a great news for them.

Backgrounds Hd

[appbox googleplay com.ogqcorp.bgh]


  • Daily updation of new content
  • Possess tools for modifying wallpapers you want
  • 30+ categories

It is known as a great app for Android with tremendously diverse categories of the pictures. This wallpaper application is known for having 100 million users worldwide. This will provide you with the high-definition pictures that meet the benchmark of selection by the application’s admin. Backgrounds hd is one of the coolest pictures apps for Android and consistently upload high quality latest wallpapers which will provide you with something new to look at.


[appbox googleplay com.sharpregion.tapet]


  • Generates a novel picture specially for you
  • Can create a wallpaper of a specific color
  • Pattern wallpapers and backgrounds.

Tapet is a new generation wallpaper that provides you the wallpapers concordance to your Android screen resolution. Actually, it creates customize pictures for every  single user.

People who like screen savers with interesting, eye-catching; patterns, tapet app can help them to choose one of their favorites. It is a unique and decent screen background that will give the device a unique look representing your personality and style.

Tapet is a new generation wallpaper that provides you the wallpapers concordance to your Android screen resolution.

Wallrox wallpapers

[appbox googleplay com.material.wallrox]


  • Highly suitable for tablet screen
  • Can choose from different Hues & shades of lighter and darker colors.

Wallrox is a perfect app for the people who love categorizes sections that lead them to the desired bunch of the pictures. It has several categories of events, patterns and things. Although the number of the wallpapers found in the application are not too many yet its quality and few other features makes it an app to give a look at.

You can also select the particular column of wallpapers that will be displayed on your screen belongs to the specific category. Its updating features allows you to update your favorite selected category so that you never get bore by viewing the same screen savers every day or have to move to another category due to the short of wallpapers you love.

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QHD quality or UHD quality pictures
Double A Studio


[appbox googleplay com.shanga.walli]


  • The app is served by community of artist.
  • Wallpapers are more inclined towards creativity
  • Available in almost in every screen size

This is one of the highest rated wallpaper apps on Google Play Store, as it is for Android users who have artistic approach in selecting a background screen saver for their mobile device. Actually it is an application that exclusively caters mobile phones by providing different variety of picture sizes according to the phone screen.

Every photo on it is selected by a professional team of artists that make sure the application does not provide even a single second best wallpaper in their application and therefore, every screen saver in the app worth being on your mobile screen.

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[appbox googleplay com.ignacemaes.wonderwall]


  • Have feature of favorite
  • Can submit your photos as wallpapers

Wonderwall specializes in the landscape screen savers, therefore if you are fascinated by nature then it can be proved your favorite. The wallpapers or actually photographs of professional photographers who constantly provide the app with new aesthetic pictures to be used as wallpapers in the application. In this way, you never get out of recent and new photos to set as background in your Android phone. The best part, it is also free to download.


[appbox googleplay]


  • Along with wallpapers, also avows ringtones
  • Bear some tools to added wallpapers
  • Can choose few special one as your favorite

Although zedge is a bit old in the wallpaper category but when it comes to downloading wallpaper, no other application can beat its hundred million to five hundred million downloads. As the app also known for providing ringtones and icons, therefore zedge is a full package for entertaining audio and visual data.

As zedge is being in the game for a long time, therefore the number of the wallpapers it possess hardly comparable to any other Android app. While the ringtones it has also vary in categories such as regular call ring and alarm rings. If you are a bit more conscious about your screen background than others, it can be the app you were looking for from a long time.

Phone personalization with free wallpapers and ringtones.


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