Best Weather Apps for android

Weather Apps for android

Planning out your next day or just your picnic, weather application is something can be proved really valuable when it comes to make a full proof plan and saving  your plan being ruined by weather. Although most of Android users don’t take weather widgets much serious yet climate app is something everyone should have in their phone. The problem is there are so many apps out there but most of them are not so good. Therefore we have compiled a list of best Android Weather apps that you can rely upon while you are going for beach, hitch hiking, mountain climbing, safari, bird watching, or going for kite flying.


Sometime you want more detailed climate forecasting on the hourly basis, AccWeather provides you weather forecast even on hourly basis and the information about the weather precipitation for minute basis too. It provides you with the extended weather forecasts and also the Android wear support.

AccuWeather provides you with the extended weather forecasts and also the Android wear support.

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Weatherbug is an amazing app that allows you to learn about the weather conditions not only of your city but also of your neighborhood, this also includes a traffic section which help you to learn about the traffic density on your way to home, office or gym. It is a great tool to make your plans and managing tasks and also one of the most constructive of Android Application.

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Dark Sky

Dark sky is known for its highly precise and to the point weather forecasting. It will let you know if it will rain in next 15 min or so. Although the app is a bit controversial yet they will charge you for using it. It charges about $2.99 per month for their novel application if you are interested in more detailed forecast.

Dark sky is known for its highly precised and to the point weather forecasting.
The Dark Sky Company

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For the people who are more interested in larger volume of weather forecast then this is the thing of their interest. It provides you with the detailed info about the forecasting of next 7 days or so. Morecast is also known for its user-friendly and elegant interface. It is a great for those users who are new to Android platform or have recently started using smart phone, but don’t want to get themselves tangled into the complex functionality of the application.

Weather Bomb

It makes you aware about the weather situation of any specific location that you want to know about. Although the weather applications most of the time tell you about the conditions of the state or a city but most often it does not resemble to the area you live in. Here this can help you out in which you can know climate about a specific location such as your home town.

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Weather Radar and Alerts

If you are a frequent traveler then this application is a must have for you. Sometimes we are not aware about the climate threads of a place we are new to, therefore it is better to have alerts which will consistently get you aware about the danger weather alerts and reminders about the stormy climate. So, you don’t find yourself being caught in a storm.


This is one of the most popular weather apps on Google Play Store with outstanding reviews. If you are one of those people who are experimental and always keep changing and try new applications, then you must also try it.

This gives you the hourly update of climate changes for about 12 cities. It is supportive for Android wear and can be used while doing the gym or driving. This also comes with approximately 24 languages, therefore can be used worldwide by the people belongs to different cultures and languages. It is a great free to use app which make you enjoy some additional widgets too that comes by default in the application.

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The Weather Channel

For detailed oriented people, weather channel is the perfect app. It can provide you with the whole range of the data and details about the weather conditions which no other application can provide you. The data it provides include from wind speed to pollen count. But despite of having so much to know about it is really simple to understand and easy to use.

This is also known for its accuracy for the report it presents and forecast it makes. You just need to add information about your location and it would not only tell you the current weather along with the humidity, pollen count, UV index and other info but also provides you with the forecast of next 11 days and 12 hours.

The channel also include some widgets, weather related videos and radar view. If you like this app then you can download it now from the Google Store even if you don’t have any credit to pay because it’s just free to use.

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Yahoo weather

Yahoo weather, as the name says it all is a Yahoo’s app supported by weather underground. Therefore you can fully rely on the accuracy and precision of this Android app because it gathers the data from its personal weather stations. But this is not the only unique thing about this application, Yahoo weather is known as the most appealing, presentable and beautiful weather tool out there. As it has different background wallpapers which changes every meanwhile and gives it a new and fresher look. In my view, this is one of the most competent among all its competitors.

Google Now

A perfect application for giving a routine to give a regular glance to the news. Google now does not known for providing detailed or long-range weather forecast but for precise condition. If something belongs to Google, its means it is a reliable service or product to use, therefore if you are not really into the weather apps and just need one to avoid any postponing of an event due to stormy condition, then Google now can help you out. It will provide you with the time to time updates and alerts when you need them without consuming too much of your time.

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It is known for minute by minute updation occurs in its predictability of forecast. However you can have weather prediction for up to 4 days. It has been acknowledged for being precise with the rain alerts that it updates after every minute or so. It means if the weather is changing really fast then don’t worry it will help you to predict rain long before, so that you can prevent yourself from getting bath by rain water. Check the fishing apps.

However everybody knows weather is a factor really difficult to predict absolutely but forecaster has gotten really close to the perfection factor in this case.

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Flowx is a weather app that is a bit different from all others in the list. Like it has an additional parameter according to which it will inform you about the weather forecast. That x-factor is the map of the world and its climate. It means you can learn about the forecast of your destination if you are travelling or you just want to know what the weather would be in the coming days of a tourist destination you are planning for. Either way, no one can deny it that flowx has taken the level of forecast to a newer level.

Now you can know what’s happening out, not just in your own city but all around the globe if it is about forecast.

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